UCO will hold on June 2010 the '23rd International Conference on Industrial, Engineering and Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems'. This conference will be devoted to the presentation and analysis of new advances in the Industrial, Engineering or in any other fields related to Intelligent Systems and Knowledge Engineering.

Research reveals the origin and consequences of the illness that killed hundreds of Andalusians in the late 15th century 

An investigation team from the University of Córdoba has surprised the international scientific community by recycling one of the excess by-products of the production of bio diesel, at the same time converting it into a source of renewable energy.

The research groupA research team from the University of Cordova, made up of Professors Francisco Jiménez Hornero, Juan Vicente Giráldez, Ana Laguna and Jorge Jiménez Hornero, has developed a new computer tool to predict the progress of erosion in arable land.  

Un estudio de las Universidades de Córdoba y Salford (Reino Unido) describe cómo la percepción es subjetiva en las incomodidades derivadas de obras o el paso de trenes

El jurado, integrado por Lina Badimon, José Viña Ribes y Francisca Sánchez Jiménez, destacan la calidad de las investigaciones de estos trabajos de ciencias de la salud

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